Functional - Cast

Functional - Cast

Complete your decoration
A complete range of self-adhesive solutions for lamination and application of all large format digital materials printed with the main types of ink: solvent, UV, eco-solvent and Latex and UV ink-jet. 

Why is it important to protect the graphics?
To avoid graphics deterioration or damage especially in outdoor exposure, the print should be protected from colour ageing with suitable lamination. 
In addition to their purely functional characteristics, laminations can improve the aesthetics of printed materials by providing special finishes, such as glossy, satin or matt. 

Perfect painting for a long-lasting finish
Self-adhesive materials can be used to protect the paintwork of vehicles, especially those used very frequently or high-end vehicles, such as luxury cars or sports cars. Last but not least, by applying this type of self-adhesive material to the bodywork, the colour shade of the vehicle will remain unchanged over time, as it acts as a sort of invisible protection.

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Functional - Cast

Codice Nazwa produktu Klej Opis Gramatura Grubość TDS
4-GL3A-07175 CARBON CLEAR WRAP AP921 PERMANENT REPOSITIONABLE WKPE144 Permanentny repozycyjny Transparentny carbonowy winyl typu CAST 167g/m² 125µ
4-GL3A-04068 RI-JET 30 FLEXILAM GLOSS CLEAR AP923 PERMANENT WK135 Akrylowy permanentny Transparentny błyszczący winyl typu CAST 40g/m² 30µ
4-GL3A-06231 RI-JET 30 FLEXILAM MATT CLEAR AP923 PERMANENT WK135 Akrylowy permanentny Transparentny matowy winyl typu CAST 40g/m² 30µ
4-GL3A-04015 RI-JET 50 CAST ULTRACLEAR UV PROTECTED AP923 PERMANENT PET36 MATT Akrylowy permanentny Transparentny ultra-błyszczący miękki winyl typu CAST 70g/m² 50µ
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