Transfer & Double Side Adhesives

Transfer adhesive
A pressure sensitive adhesive layer positioned between two liners whose differential release properties enable their clean removal in order to apply the unsupported adhesive layer to a substrate, such as business forms, nameplates, displays and industrial applications. These laminates are ideally suited to the creation of self-adhesive labels on direct mail promotional products.

Double side adhesives
A mounting laminate with adhesive coated on both sides of a supporting central carrier and protected by two siliconized liners may be used to create all sorts of self-adhesive materials through a simple lamination process. The standard construction has the same permanent adhesive type on both sides of a paper carrier.

Special constructions
Under request, for double sided adhesives the standard glassine carrier may be replaced by a polypropylene or polyester liner. It is also possible to customise the construction further by using two different types of adhesive on each side of the carrier, for example a removable and permanent adhesive. Colour of the detachable liner can be specified in order to clearly identify the removable side of the product.

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Transfer & Double Side Adhesives

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RD1K-02141 BIADESIVO GL AP904 YG60/WG62/YG60 Acrylic permanent Double side adhesive construction. 62g/m² 54µ
4-RD1K-05395 TRANSFER TAPE CR3X AP901 WG62/WG62 Acrylic permanent Transfer construction with white siliconised glassine. 62g/m² 55µ
4-RL1K-01187 TRANSFER TAPE WG65 AP901 WG65 CR5X Acrylic permanent Transfer construction with white siliconised glassine. 62g/m² 54µ
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