Coloured Papers

Labels with maximum optical impact
A calendared woodfree paper and a series of fluorescent papers available in many different colours to provide maximum optical impact.

Arouse the curiosity of the consumer
Coloured papers are used for eye catching labels solutions for product launches or for special offers. Coloured self-adhesive materials offer a high visual impact solution for high speed label price dispensers where fast eye catching communication of product news and special offers is required.

Clear and strong messages
These striking colours make an ideal choice also for use as hazard and safety labels and identification labels in the logistics and industrial field. 

Find the perfect self-adhesive material for your application needs with our Product Selector!

Coloured Papers

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL1E-01919 FLUO GREEN AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Green fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01910 FLUO ORANGE AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Orange fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01985 FLUO PINK AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Pink fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 78g/m² 73µ
4-RL1E-01902 FLUO RED AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Red fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01926 FLUO YELLOW AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Yellow fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1C-09503 YELLOW PLUS PAPER AP904 YG60 Acrylic permanent Yellow uncoated woodfree paper. 78g/m² 71µ
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