Core Linerless Solutions®

Core Linerless Solutions<sup>®</sup>
Innovative technology
Core Linerless Solutions® is a self-adhesive film consisting of a thin PP with a PET siliconized liner, at least 50% thinner than a standard PSA material construction. Specifically engineered to be transformed into a Linerless material. Despite the low thickness, the construction confers the proper stiffness to be dispensed.

Advanced process
Core Linerless Solutions® is a self-adhesive material which, through a dedicated converting process, is transformed into a single ply linerless web, ready to be dispensed using a special linerless module.

Sustainable solution
Core Linerless Solutions® sustainability benefits are: lower transport and logistics costs, as a single roll will achieve a higher output of labels, that drastically reduces the time employed by the operators to change rolls. From an environmental standpoint are This drastically reduces the time it takes for the operator to change rolls the reduction of thickness (so the use of less material) and no matrix or liner waste to dispose of.

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