Label security on tyre profiles
These products have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of labelling the irregular rubber profiles of tyres which are exposed to surface contaminants, such as mould release agents. They are designed to withstand the brutal treatment experienced during the storage, transport and fitting of the tyre.

Specialised adhesive
The special rubber based adhesive provides the ultimate label adhesion on rough and challenging surfaces.

Information labels
Whilst originally developed for secure and durable labelling of vehicle tyres, these products are also ideal for applications on other substrates which normally provide a significant challenge for normal label products, i.e. rough cardboard packaging; low surface contact area materials; very low surface energy plastics and plastic chemical drums.

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Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2D-02827 RI-754/60 PP TYRE WHITE TC RP2001 WG74DS Rubber permanent White top coated cavitated polypropylene. 45g/m² 60µ
4-RL1H-02898 THERMAL TOP TYRE RP2001 WG74DS Rubber permanent White top coated thermal paper. 84g/m² 84µ
4-RL1F-02154 TYRE RP2001 WG74DS Rubber permanent White paper laminated with aluminium foil. 80g/m² 65µ
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