Security papers
Vellum and Coated papers with no added optical brightening agents (OBA) are prefect base materials for the creation of specialised security products, while our Security Five OBA Free is a high finishing quality paper which incorporates red and blue security fibres – visible under UV light.

The bright silver polyester of this range contains on the underside an invisible chain pattern. When attempts to remove labels from the final substrate are made, this pattern separates from the film and remains on the labelled item. It is then impossible to reposition the tampered label on the substrate. On request other versions of this systems are available.

A matt white vinyl film, extremely fragile, coated with a high performance permanent acrylic adhesive. When this label is applied, it has the characteristic of being ultra-destructible whenever someone tries to tamper with or remove it.

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Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2B-00604 RI-631/36 PET CHAIN GLOSS SILVER AP901 WG90 Acrylic permanent Gloss silver metallized top coated polyester with a security release pattern. 50g/m² 36µ
4-RL3A-02351 RI-1901/50 PVC MATT WHITE AP905 WG90 Acrylic permanent Ultradestructible white cast vinyl. 100g/m² 50µ
4-RL1C-03681 SECURITY FIVE OBA FREE RP1001 YG60 Rubber permanent White woodfree OBA free paper, with blue and red security fibres visible under UV light. 75g/m² 86µ
4-RL1C-08425 STAMP SEMIGLOSS AP969 WK85 Acrylic permanent Woodfree white medium-glossy coated paper 80g/m² 65µ
4-RL1C-01688 STAMP SEMIGLOSS AP969 WK100BP Acrylic permanent Woodfree white medium-glossy coated paper 80g/m² 65µ
4-RL1C-05476 VELLUM OBA FREE RP1001 WG62 Rubber permanent White woodfree calendered OBA free paper. 70g/m² 88µ
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