Are you a Converter?

Are you a Converter?

Reducing waste is one of the biggest economic and industrial challenges.
Brand owners, driven by consumers, governments and institutions, are reviewing production processes and packaging with the aim of reducing resource consumption and waste. Liner waste has always been seen by the industry as an inevitable consequence. After some years of research, Ritrama has developed Core Linerless Solutions®: the technological platform based on a multifunctional smart liner, able to transform liner from waste into resource.

How it works?
Core Linerless Solutions® consists of a self-adhesive laminated label without liner, much thinner than a standard label. The process begins with Ritrama’s self-adhesive thin construction (polypropylene with siliconized polyester multifunctional smart liner), printed using traditional printing methods and converted by a specific converting process, resulting in a reel of laminated labels ready to be easily dispensed on the final product using an ILTI linerless labelling machine

CORE LINERLESS SOLUTIONS®: a turnkey solution
For the converting process machinery, Ritrama has been collaborating with two leaders with specific technical expertise: OMET for the lamination phase and SPILKER for the finishing phase.

Download the brochure to discover how the multifunctional smart liner works

Download PDF document

CORE LINERLESS SOLUTIONS® a new Business Opportunity.

Be the first to offer your customers a technology that eliminates liner disposal and reduces reel replenishments thanks to a higher number of labels per reel.

You will gain the following benefits:
No matrix waste to be disposed of
Label always protected by lamination film
Conventional printing techniques and inks
Increased print speed
50% reduction in transport and storage costs thanks to more labels per reel
Turnkey solution


After the printing process, the reel is loaded into the lamination module where the self-adhesive material is delaminated while managed by an accurate tension control. The smart liner is then hot-laminated on top of the face material, thus becoming an integral part of the label and protecting the printed surface.

OMET CLS® Lamination module
Easy-to-use with intuitive adjustments that can be made directly on the unit
Quick set-up; ergonomic configuration of the operation areas and control panel
Easy access to the unit and guarantee of the operator safety
Cost-effective management and ease-of-use enhance the investment made in short time

Download the brochure to discover all the technical features of the lamination module.

Download PDF document


The laminated reel is transferred to the finishing unit specifically designed to die-cut and inspect the CLS® materials at high speed.

Finishing module
• Very short set-up time
High-speed and large web width process
• Suitable for both CLS and PS labels
Full inspection system ensures product and process quality
Easy handling

Download the brochure to discover all the technical features of the finishing module.

Download PDF document


The CLS® Service Centre is Research and Development Centre available for converters to test their specific-jobs from a printed material to a Linerless label roll. 
A dispenser line is also available for brand owners' label dispensing trials.

Need more info about Core Linerless Solutions®Contact us.

Are you a Converter?

Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-LL2D-09513 CORE LINERLESS CLEAR TC AP901 3 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear top coated polypropylene. 27g/m² 30µ
4-LL2D-10108 CORE LINERLESS SILVER TC AP901 3 Acrylic permanent Gloss silver top coated polypropylene. 27g/m² 30µ
4-LL2D-09520 CORE LINERLESS WHITE TC AP901 3 Acrylic permanent Gloss white top coated polypropylene. 27g/m² 28µ
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