Are you a Brand Owner?

Are you a Brand Owner?

A growing sustainability awareness
Nowadays people are more and more aware of the importance of sustainability, environment preservation and climate change. Brand owners, driven by consumers, governments and institutions, are reviewing production processes and redesigning packaging with the aim of reducing resource consumption and waste. Reducing waste is one of the biggest economic and industrial challenges.

Release Liner & Matrix
Release liner is intended as the packaging of pressure sensitive labels and is therefore subject to reduction/elimination/recycling by brand owners purchasing large volumes.
Matrix (stripped material around the label) could represent a significant part of the label cost break down.

What is it?
Core Linerless Solutions® consists of a self-adhesive laminated label without liner, much thinner than a standard one. It has been designed for prime decoration and can be printed using traditional methods and converted by a specific process, resulting in a reel of laminated labels ready to be easily dispensed on the final product using an ILTI linerless labelling machine.

CORE LINERLESS SOLUTIONS®: a sustainable solution 


No waste, thanks to the multifunctional smart liner and matrix elimination 

Less materials management on site, less handling and less downtime thanks to a higher number of labels per roll and easier change over 

Less raw materials consumption, thanks to thinner materials and matrix elimination

Less transportation, thanks to a higher number of labels per roll

Carbon footprint reduction, CO2 emission reduction thanks to thinner materials, less transportation and waste elimination

CORE LINERLESS SOLUTIONS® typical applications

CLS® labels are available in clear, white and silver and suitable for the prime decoration in food, beverage, home & personal care applications.

The clear version allows the “no-label look” effect that shows the content and gives the bottle an elegant and eye-catching appearance.


Very short set-up time
Very short reel replenishment
Modular construction for plug & play with existing rotary labeling equipment


The CLS® Service Centre is Research and Development Centre available for converters to test their specific-jobs from a printed material to a Linerless label roll.
A dispenser line is also available for brand owners' label dispensing trials.

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