Safety on a label
OBA-free papers (optical brighteners added) are perfect face materials for creating highly specialized security products. Our OBA-free Security Five, on the other hand, is a kind of paper with a high quality finish that contains red and blue security fibres, visible under the UV lamp. 

The shiny silver polyester in this range contains an invisible texture on the underside which, when the label is removed from the surface where it has been applied, separates from the film and remains visible on the product, making it impossible to re-apply the label.

Extremely brittle matt white vinyl film with a high-performance permanent acrylic adhesive. Once the label created with this material has been applied, any attempt to tamper with it or remove it from the application surface is vain, as it remains visible on the product. 

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Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2B-00604 RI-631/36 PET CHAIN GLOSS SILVER AP900 WG90 Acrylic permanent Gloss silver metallized top coated polyester with a security release pattern. 50g/m² 36µ
4-RL3A-02351 RI-1901/50 PVC MATT WHITE AP905 WG90 Acrylic permanent Ultradestructible white cast vinyl. 100g/m² 50µ
4-RL1C-03681 SECURITY FIVE OBA FREE RP1001 YG60 Rubber permanent Woodfree white paper with blue and red security fibres visible under UV light paper. OBA free. 75g/m² 86µ
4-RL1C-05476 VELLUM OBA FREE RP1001 WG62 Rubber permanent Natural paper without optical brighteners. 70g/m² 88µ
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