Suspended I.V. Hangers

Suspended I.V. Hangers
Face materials with high mechanical characteristics
The ISO 15010:1998 standard is specific for devices suspended for transfusion and infusion and regulates the standards to prevent them from falling during the administration of blood or pharmaceutical solutions. Ritrama has studied solutions compatible with this ISO by developing self-adhesive materials with high mechanical characteristics, able to correctly support the weight of the bottle that must be hung on the shafts in hospitals.

Different types of suspension bottles
The different types of bottles containing saline solutions, antibiotics and any medication needed by the patient during hospitalization are made of glass and in different forms, so the self-adhesive materials to make them suspended on the I.V. hanging-shafts must be built with high cohesion adhesives that can ensure the safety of the application.

Printed label becomes a tool for hanging I.V.
The high thickness polyesters and polyethylenes of this range have the dual function of being a tool for conveying all the medical information on the contents of the bottle by printing and are functional in order to support the bottle and create a hanger that supports the drip or the solution to be used quickly and easily.

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Suspended I.V. Hangers

Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2C-02606 HDPE EXTRA STRONG WHITE TC AP907 WG74 Acrylic permanent Gloss white top coated polyethylene. 140g/m² 165µ
4-RL2B-03622 RI-697/75 + 50 PET GLOSS CLEAR AP907 WG62 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear polyester laminated with a gloss clear polyester. 190g/m² 145µ
4-RL2B-03134 RI-697/100 PET GLOSS WHITE TC AP907 WG62 Acrylic permanent Gloss white top coated polyester. 140g/m² 100µ
4-RL2B-05926 RI-699/125 PET GLOSS CLEAR AP907 PET50 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear polyester. 175g/m² 125µ
4-RL2D-03460 RI-7096/60 PP GLOSS CLEAR TC AP908 PET36 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear top coated polypropylene. 54g/m² 60µ
4-RL2C-09459 VALERON 165 TC AP907-25 PET50 CR1,5X Acrylic permanent White top coated polyethylene. 140g/m² 165µ
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