Autoclave Sterilization

Autoclave Sterilization
Films that pass the autoclave process with flying colours
The steam current at 121° used during the autoclave sterilization process, as for example in the case of antibiotic bottles, makes it necessary to use self-adhesive film materials capable of resisting high humidity and adhering to the glass with a very high cohesion, to present a perfect and readable label ready for use.

The variants of the range
The polyester and polypropylene films in the range can be coupled with polyester liners for high-speed label dispensability on industrial production lines. Among the materials for autoclave sterilization, there is also a specific film for the creation of hangers for I.V.

The life cycle of a drug
The importance of labelling a medicinal product is essential to ensure that the content is always consistent with the information on the label. To prevent infringement, some materials in the range are accompanied by optical tracer adhesives, which allow you to verify that each package is correctly labelled in the production phase and that no tampering has occurred from the time of labelling to the final use.

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Autoclave Sterilization

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2B-03622 RI-697/75 + 50 PET GLOSS CLEAR AP907 WG62 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear polyester laminated with a gloss clear polyester. 190g/m² 145µ
4-RL2B-03134 RI-697/100 PET GLOSS WHITE TC AP907 WG62 Acrylic permanent Gloss white top coated polyester. 140g/m² 100µ
4-RL2B-06060 RI-6993/36 PET GLOSS CLEAR TC AP907 WM PET30 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear top coated polyester. 50g/m² 36µ
4-RL2B-02846 RI-6996/36 PET GLOSS CLEAR TC2 AP908 WM MIN PET36 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear top coated polyester. 50g/m² 36µ
4-RL2D-03460 RI-7096/60 PP GLOSS CLEAR TC AP908 PET36 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear top coated polypropylene. 54g/m² 60µ
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