Photocopiers / Laser Printers / Sheets

Photocopiers / Laser Printers / Sheets
High sheet planarity
Kraft or Glassine paper liners combined with natural paper face materials make for high flatness in the conversion from roll to sheet, which can vary in size depending on the different needs of use, although often it is an A4, the most common format for all office needs.

Office printers
The specific structure of these materials allows the single sheet, cut in the desired format, to maintain perfect flatness even during the passage in the office printer, which usually develops a lot of heat. The prints obtained on our media are clear and of high quality, perfect for office use.

Office applications
These self-adhesive papers are typically used for labeling folders, creating continuous modules for printing many low-cost copies, for pre-cut labels or for any kind of information, instruction or warning that needs to be printed frequently and applied in the workplace.

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According to the application or technical criteria of the material, this practical tool suggests the most suitable self-adhesive solution for your needs: from papers to films and special constructions, all combined with the most varied adhesive technologies.

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Photocopiers / Laser Printers / Sheets

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL1C-01673 DATA RP1001 WK80 Rubber permanent White smooth woodfree paper. 70g/m² 78µ
4-RL1C-01671 FORMS RP1001 YG60 Rubber permanent White smooth woodfree paper. 68g/m² 77µ
4-RL1C-09265 FORMS RP3000 YG60 FSC® CERTIFIED Rubber permanent White smooth woodfree paper. 68g/m² 77µ
4-RL1C-01719 FORMS SC AP904 WK80 Acrylic permanent White calendered woodfree paper. 73g/m² 72µ
4-RL1C-01812 FOTOCOPY AP904 WK60 Acrylic permanent White smooth woodfree paper. 70g/m² 78µ
4-SL1B-10373 GLOSS STICKER OBA FREE AR804 WK85 FSC® CERTIFIED Acrylic removable Gloss white coated woodfree and OBA free paper. 70g/m² 63µ
4-RL1C-09287 LASER-JET 70 RP1001 WK60 FSC® CERTIFIED Rubber permanent White smooth woodfree paper. 68g/m² 77µ
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