Coloured Papers

Coloured Papers
Warehouse management labels
Coloured self-adhesive papers are opalescent and rough to the touch and are ideal for containing all information, including variable information, related to the world of logistics, such as traceability or inventory. This type of label often has a short life cycle but it is essential to provide basic information for an efficient and fast management of the warehouse, also thanks to the fluorescent colors that can immediately attract the attention of those who handle these boxes.

Adhesion on cardboard
The rubber-based adhesives combined with these papers are specific for application on cardboard boxes with a rough and corrugated surface. Warehouses or logistics centers are often dusty and these products have very resistant adhesives in all circumstances.

Variable information
Coloured papers for logistics and storage are perfect for office printers, where the variable information contained in the label can be printed quickly and easily directly from the logistics offices, making the labelling and traceability operation even more efficient.

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Coloured Papers

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL1E-01919 FLUO GREEN AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Green fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01910 FLUO ORANGE AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Orange fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01985 FLUO PINK AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Pink fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 78g/m² 73µ
4-RL1E-01902 FLUO RED AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Red fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1E-01926 FLUO YELLOW AP904 WG62 Acrylic permanent Yellow fluorescent coated woodfree paper. 68g/m² 65µ
4-RL1C-09503 YELLOW PLUS PAPER AP904 YG60 Acrylic permanent Yellow uncoated woodfree paper. 78g/m² 71µ
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