Perfect and functional even after pasteurisation
Some types of food packaging that are already labelled, such as vacuum sausages, must pass the pasteurisation process without the substrate being damaged or detached from the packaging in any way. The pasteurization cycle takes place by immersing the pack already labelled at different temperatures and times depending on the food to be treated and the self-adhesive material must remain applied perfectly resisting the action of water and heat.

Dedicated top coating for excellent quality prints
The self-adhesive materials proposed are accompanied by the TCX top coating dedicated specifically to this type of application, which provides excellent printing results with the technologies Flexo UV, Offset UV, Thermal Transfer and digital UV Jet, allowing prints defined and of the highest quality.

European Standards and ISEGA Certifications
Our range of food materials complies with the European regulation EU 10/2011,relating to all components of a multi-layer film label (which is considered part of food packaging) and complies with norm EC 1935/2004, which concerns the use of packaging that does not contaminate food products. The range also includes ISEGA-certified adhesives both for dry and wet but non-fatty foods (such as potato chips or fruit packs) and dry, wet and fatty foods, with a different reduction factor depending on the type of application required (such as cheese crust labelling).

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Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2D-10955 RI-757/60 PP CAVITATED GLOSS WHITE TCX RP1101 WG62 Rubber permanent Gloss white top coated cavitated polypropylene. 45g/m² 60µ
4-RL2C-10956 RI-837/100 PE GLOSS WHITE TCX RP1010 WG62 Rubber permanent Gloss clear polyethylene. 93g/m² 95µ
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