Egg Boxes

Egg Boxes
The challenge of an irregular surface
Food packaging containing eggs often has irregular surfaces and shapes, and therefore requires self-adhesive materials that can easily and safely adhere to a complex surface. The demand for eye-catching packaging that draws attention to the shelves of the supermarkets where they are displayed is also growing in this sector. Completing the general aesthetics of egg packaging with a label created with a reliable and suitable material is a challenge to which Ritrama responds effectively.

A face material for each egg packaging
The self-adhesive material proposed for this application is made of defibrated paper, so as to allow the label to perfectly follow the packaging of eggs with any kind of irregularity, usually conferred to increase the aesthetic impact of the packaging on the shelf.

Hot melt adhesive for top adhesions
The defibrated paper is coupled with a rubber-based adhesive to create an optimal adhesion on any type of packaging surface of the eggs, especially cardboard, but also the plastic. The high grammage of this adhesive makes it possible to fill in surface irregularities and provide secure adhesion.

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Egg Boxes

Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL1B-01845 LW COATED RP1011 YG60 Rubber permanent Semi-gloss white coated woodfree paper. 60g/m² 56µ
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