Challenging application
White cavitated polypropylene coupled to the metal and equipped with a solvent based adhesive is the choice proposed by Ritrama to obtain a label to be affixed on the batteries in the engine of cars, where temperatures are very high and the presence of oils and greases could be detrimental to the adhesion.

Thermal transfer printing
The information contained in this type of label, if printed in thermal transfer, offers resistance throughout the life of the vehicle, even for wear or any rubbing that may result from the maintenance of the mechanics.

Variable data
The label inside the bonnet contains variable data with information about the vehicle and the technical characteristics of the engine. The thermal transfer printing offers excellent resistance without the possibility that it can be damaged even in the long run or due to external stresses.

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Product Code Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2D-04130 RI-717/60 PP GLOSS SILVER TC RP1006 WG62 Rubber permanent Gloss silver metallized top coated polypropylene. 54g/m² 60µ
4-RL2D-02491 RI-757/60 PP CAVITATED GLOSS WHITE TC RP1006 WG62 Rubber permanent Gloss white top coated cavitated polypropylene. 45g/m² 60µ
4-RL2D-03817 RI-757/60 PP GLOSS WHITE CAVITATED TC8 RP1101 WG62 Rubber permanent Gloss white top coated cavitated polypropylene. 45g/m² 60µ
4-RL2B-00591 RI-COTE 49 PET MATT SILVER UL RECOGNIZED AP900 WG90 Acrylic permanent Matt silver metallized polyester. 70g/m² 50µ
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