The Shiny range by Ritrama, with its large selection of papers and films with metallised effects, means every type of product can be showcased to the full, in any type of application.
06 Nov 2020 | ROLL LABEL

The competitivness between various brands on shop and supermarkets shelves is more fierce every day.

 Different versions and choices of every product are released onto the market daily. The current strategy is to try and attract customer interest as quickly as possible and interestingly, a strong brand name doesn´t always guarantee success. Labels and packaging have become an optimum way of transmitting a lot of information quickly as well as being a way to attract the attention of an often distracted and busy consumer. For that reason it is no coincidence that recent packaging and labelling trends are all about being aesthetically appealing and captivating. Labels must not only "dress products" but must also "speak to consumers", surprising and dazzling them.

The Shiny range has been created with all budgets and applications in mind. Different types of labels can be created for diverse sectors, from wine to spirits, top range cosmetics to soft drinks, from home and personal care products to labels for squeezable and conformable containers. All this, plus keeping sustainability and respect for the environment to the forefront.

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