Ritrama, hosted its first technical seminar in car wrapping techniques on 30th September. The event was organised in collaboration with their Italian distributor Grafilandia.
10 Oct 2016 | GRAPHICS

The day was dedicated to the presentation of new RI-WRAP materials and teaching and practical training sessions on-site during which guests were able to test application potentials of the self-adhesive materials directly on a car.

During the first part of the course Mirko Aguanno, Sales Manager Graphics Division, presented the company and its manufacturing and coating facilities and illustrated the RI-WRAP self-adhesive materials developed to meet the requirements of the car and boat wrapping and interior decoration markets. This PVC CAST series guarantees an outstanding performance on any application surface and is available in over 60 colours and finishes with different shades and textures. This range has been designed with micro-channel AirFlow technology which allows fast application without air bubbles or wrinkles forming if the surfaces are slightly curved or uneven. Something which the participants of the seminar appreciated was that the films of the RI-WRAP product series are very conformable and do not require perforating, which could potentially damage them. After the presentation, Mirko Aguanno spoke of current market standards and demonstrated the tools required for installation in accordance with best practices. The audience listened with great interest and engaged in questions, which further reflected the huge potential for business opportunities in this fast growing market sector.

The second half of the day was dedicated to learning different car wrapping techniques. In fact, all guests were able to test their car wrapping skills directly under the supervision of the Ritrama applicator, by practising application techniques with RI-WRAP products on a car in the show room. Participants were highly complimentary on the conformability and high performance of the material and the wide choice of colours and finishes available. They very much appreciated that it is possible to refresh a car appearance at any time without compromising the underlying car body and surface. At the end of the seminar, all guests received a participation certificate.

«This day was a testimony to the strong collaboration between Ritrama and its distributors. This and above all, new development projects in this area will enable us to get a better understanding of clients’ requirements for innovative products. This meeting has opened up new possibilities for us, so let us all look forward to the forthcoming Application Day and the news and innovations it will bring» said Ronald Rink, Graphics & Industrial Division Manager.

«We are very pleased with the outcome of this first seminar. We believe that we can only grow through nurturing our close ties and a continuous exchange of ideas and information with our customers» - added Manuel Hassan and Luigi Pizzi, from Grafilandia.

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