Ritrama presents Greaseproof range, the new range of stain-resistant papers, highly resistant to oils and fats.
23 Oct 2019 | ROLL LABEL

Ritrama's Greaseproof series is a concentrate of anti-stain technology for the labelling of high added value food and cosmetic products such as extra virgin olive oil, food specialties contained in glass jars and precious perfumed oils and essences for home and personal care.

The range consists of Gloss Greaseproof, a white coated paper with a glossy finish, and Modì White Greaseproof, a natural paper. Both solutions have been chemically treated to make them repellent to most fats and oils.

To complete the range, Nazca: a new proposal in the world of Ritrama made with stone powder. Very similar to traditional cellulose paper, with a soft velvety effect, it is highly resistant to tears. The mineral charges naturally present on the surface makes it highly resistant to oils and greases.

Ritrama's proposals are perfect for high-quality products that require labels produced with valuable material impermeable to stains, oils and fats. Labels with a natural and genuine taste, which preserve their appearance intact even after many uses. Spotless labels that convey the quality of the products of a vast agricultural and food heritage.

Discover Greaseproof series
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