Download the Arconvert-Ritrama Open and Close range showcased in our new brochure that is an easy-to-use guide to the solutions we have identified as being the best for open and close label functions on dry food and wet applications.
21 Dec 2020 | ROLL LABEL

Open and close labels must facilitate the opening and correct closing of the product frequently. The self-adhesive materials that have been carefully selected as being the best solutions in terms of reliability and quality are mainly PP and PE films with a top performing removable adhesive that have high tear resistance, clean removability and good conformability. We also provide some chosen materials with a Pet liner option for quick dispensing as well as clear on clear materials. We offer high functionality, safety and compliance with regulations and excellent visual appeal for maintaining that all important brand visibility.

For dry food applications on packaging that is for products such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee, cereals and confectionary the minimalist construction and transparency of the PP or PE self-adhesive material means the product is displayed on the supermarket shelf in an attractive and visually appealing way, capturing the consumer's attention, as it perfectly integrates with the graphic line of the product itself thanks to the material's conformability. Wet applications such as cleansing sanitizing wipes, wet and cosmetic wipes need to come in flexible packaging with a label that is high-tear resistant, and that keep the contents fresh for constant use. Meeting the need and demand for being able to carry cleansing wipes around on our person as well has having them in the home and workplace has never been more necessary than it is in today's world for everybody's safety and well-being.

The Open and Close brochure is just the starting point for you to identify what self-adhesive material you need for the required application. Whether you already know what you need or are beginning a campaign and need assistance to get started, our highly trained sales and technical teams are on hand to offer you guidance and support to make sure you find the right solution, which is so much more than just identifying the right material. At Arconvert-Ritrama we want to make your job easier and offer you solutions for demanding applications that need an open and close label function for frequent use.

Download the Open and Close range brochure and contact us for more information and support.
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