Ritrama has further enhanced its range of products with Easy Application Solutions, a new series of monomeric vinyls for medium or long term applications. This series has been developed for all people working in the Graphics industry who are looking for solutions which are easy to apply and change.
24 Jan 2017 | GRAPHICS

Shopping centre, retail shops and multiplex cinemas are some of the places in which visual communication helps create a certain shopping experience for customers. Shop windows, bill boards , display units and points of purchase can therefore contribute to enhancing this experience.
In order to support these new forms of interaction between companies and customers, Ritrama’s R&D department has designed a new group of products whose purpose is contained in the name: Easy Application Solutions. These materials are easily applied by everyone; the help of a specialist professional applicator is no longer required. The range, which is part of the Large Format Digital Range, consists of the following monomeric vinyls: RI-DOT, Ritrama's latest product, RI-JET 100 Airflow and RI-FIX. Three products to suit every budget.

RI-DOT is Ritrama's latest innovation. It is a 100µ monomeric vinyl available in two face films: glossy clear or matt white. The main feature of this product is the new drop coat technique: the special dotted pattern is achieved by non-adhesive areas which are larger than the more traditional Airflow. All air is removed from the material during application which prevents unsightly air bubbles forming. Ritrama's R&D department has developed this product for staff who might have to apply short-term graphics indoors even though they may not have any prior experience of decal applications. This material allows them to do apply and remove the graphics easily. Ink-jet, eco-solvent or Latex technology provide excellent printing results.

RI-JET 100 Airflow is a 100µ-vinyl film with removable adhesive and Airflow technology. Easy to remove from glass surfaces as well as from most substrates, it is available with gloss clear and matt white films and has been designed to decorate shop windows with instant and short promotional campaigns. In addition, it is suitable to customise furniture or panels. These films have also been developed for use by non-professional applicators. Its good conformability makes it a excellent solution for temporary decorations on the flat surfaces of vehicles, such as buses, trams and taxis. Commercial information and brand awareness are therefore easily promoted. RI-JET 100 can be used with ink-jet UV printers, solvent, co-solvent or Latex technologies. It suits any manufacturing process perfectly.RI-FIX is a 170µ-monomeric gloss clear or matt white PVC, which is ideal for short-term or medium-term indoor applications. This product is perfect for communication at point of sale, where promotional messages are used to keep customers interested and therefore must be changed frequently and easily by retail staff.

RI-FIX may be used to customise any glass or plastic surfaces to present promotional initiatives in any retail outlet. Its ultra-removable adhesive allows clean removal off the surface without leaving any residue – the surface can be used again immediately. The white version also offers a visual shield in the shop window. RI-Fix offers excellent printing results with all main ink-jet technologies: UV, solvent and eco-solvent.

«Easy Application Solutions has been designed to offer a range of products dedicated to applications which don’t require a professional applicator and which have to change often, such as communication or promotional campaigns. Three monomeric products to suit three different budgets because it is important to have a diverse portfolio to meet all application requirements. This new product group has further consolidated Ritrama’s role as a reliable business partner, offering its clients the right product at the right price, while ensuring excellent application performance», said Mirko Aguanno, Sales Manager Graphics.

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