In the current state of coronavirus high alert worldwide, Arconvert and Ritrama are fully operational to serve the food and pharmaceutical industries and the health system, while guaranteeing the health and safety of all of our people.
25 Mar 2020 | RITRAMA WORLD

Arconvert and Ritrama mainly produce self-adhesive materials for the whole labeling industry, including pharmaceutical, food, logistics and large-scale distribution. As all essential necessities require labels printed on self-adhesive materials, Arconvert-Ritrama's products, once transformed into labels, are fundamental to support the entire health supply chain such as drugs and hospital devices, IV and plasma bags, test tubes and products for the environment sanitation. Labels are essential, as well, for the whole food production at the supermarket, from the bottles of personal and house care products, to the barcodes for handling goods and shipping parcels. All citizens, in this delicate situation of social isolation, must be able to count on the availability of all these goods.

We are proud to do our part in this global emergency and we strongly believe that, thanks to everyone's commitment, we will be soon able to leave this worldwide crisis behind.

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