Sheets Static Cling

Sheets Static Cling
Clear and white self cling films that adhere to glossy surfaces, with no adhesive layer that can transfer to or damage sensitive substrates.

High Gloss Self Cling Vinyl
Unique high gloss clear and white static vinyl that will adhere and reposition many times securely from gloss surfaces without the need for an adhesive, thanks to a special formulation of the vinyl, to which a large amount of plasticizer has been added.

Seasonal graphics
For window graphics and novelty applications: ideal for the manufacture of children's “sticker” books, but also perfect for glass decoration, advertising decals and vehicle window emblems, graphics etc.

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Sheets Static Cling

Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL3B-06402 RI-4519/150 PREMIUM PVC GLOSS CLEAR BRD200 n.a. Gloss clear plasticised static cling vinyl 170g/m² 150µ
4-GL3B-07098 RI-4519/150 PREMIUM PVC GLOSS WHITE BRD200 n.a. Gloss white plasticised static cling vinyl. 170g/m² 150µ
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