Wall Graphics

Outdoor Wall Decoration
Outdoor Wall Graphics Ink-Jet Print Media is the professional solution for the coverage and the wrapping of the majority of exterior walls. Their extreme conformability allows the decoration of non-conventional raised surfaces, also on rough brick walls in presence of deep grouting. Thanks to the mandatory laminations, it is suitable for medium-long term applications. Outdoor decoration is the best eye-catching solution to promote the brand of banks, hotels, commercial buildings, car and motorbike dealers, etc.

Indoor Wall Decoration
In indoor applications, the tactile appearance is the key: our linen and sandstone PVC materials simulate actual walls textures. The final result is like having printed directly on the wall. Designers can unleash their creativity to obtain the wow effect. All the materials offer a perfect opaque effect and can be cleaned and scrubbed with a damp cloth. The monomeric smooth PVC is matt mainly to avoid light reflection and offer medium term durability, whereas the polymeric texturized PVC offer long term durability. Our special product of the range is the RI-Jet Deco Paperwall that simulates actual wallpaper with the benefit of the cleanest and time saving application. The liquid glue for the old wallpaper is no longer needed! Potential applications include the decoration of a variety of plastered and  lacquered walls, plaster boards, wood and panels of shops, restaurants, hotels, offices as well as private houses.

This range of materials offers outstanding adhesion performance.  All these films can be printed using eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV ink-jet technologies.

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Wall Graphics

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL3B-08313 RI-JET DECO-WALL 50 AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT GREY WKPE140 AIRFLOW Extra permanent Gloss white CAST vinyl film. 70g/m² 50µ
4-GL3B-08314 RI-JET DECO-WALL 75 AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT GREY WKPE144 Extra permanent Gloss white polymeric vinyl film. 100g/m² 75µ
4-GL2A-09782 RI-JET DECO-WALL 100 HOP AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT WK135 Extra permanent Matt white monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-09279 RI-JET DECO-WALL 150 LINEN AP940 PERMANENT WK135 Acrylic permanent White satin finish polymeric vinyl film with a linen pattern. 172g/m² 150µ
4-GL3C-10080 RI-JET DECO-WALL SANDSTONE AP940 WK135 Permanent White textured polymeric PVC film with a rough stone pattern. 215g/m² 223µ
4-GL1G-10351 RI-JET PAPER WALL 320 AP940 PERMANENT WK135 Permanent Natural embossed white paper. 320g/m² 500µ
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