RI-Vision Wrapping Media

RI-Vision Wrapping Media
PU based
The PU digital wrapping materials benefit higher performances. Their conformability, in combination with an outstanding elongation, allows to wrap almost any 3D surface. Their durability offer a long-lasting resistance also in tough environmental conditions. Both media and lamination are PU based to grant excellent results. The best wrapping media for markets that cares of sustainability.

Repositionable Adhesive - Airflow Technology
The AP921 is a unique and highly specialized acrylic adhesive that has a very low initial tack allowing the material to slide on the surface until pressure is applied. After a short period, the adhesive intensify to a high tack permanent, ensuring long-term security during the life cycle of the media. The option AP921 can be applied without wetting. Moreover, a special pattern in the liner allows air entrapped during application to be easily squeezed out, helping the operator to make bubble free and faster applications without leaving the liner texture on the face material.

HP Latex printability
The RI-Vision Range is developed for the best results with HP Latex printing technology. The combination of PU media and Latex printing technology is the best answer to the increasing demand of sustainable wrapping solutions.

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RI-Vision Wrapping Media

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL2D-09569 RI-VISION PU 50 WHITE GLOSS SLIDE & TACK AP921 PERMANENT REPOSITIONABLE BO WKPE 140 AIRFLOW Permanent Repositionable Gloss white PU film. 72g/m² 50µ
4-GL2B-10585 RI-VISION PU 50 CLEAR GLOSS AP923 PERMANENT PET50 Permanent Gloss clear PU film. 62g/m² 50µ
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