Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles
A winning Combo
The combination of the polymeric digital PVC media HI-GRIP 75 POLY and the PLASTICONE 300 over lamination, grant the best solution for the production of stickers for all kind of recreational vehicles. Suitable for OEM or aftermarket applications.

Adhesion to apolar surfaces
The Hi-Grip Range is a self-adhesive solution proposed by Ritrama that meets all labeling requirements for Low Surface Energy – LSE – (plastic) substrates. The range is composed by both the white and the clear polymeric vinyl HI-GRIP 75 POLY combined with a high tack permanent adhesive.

Scratch resistance and high glossiness
Stickers for recreational vehicles are exposed to micro abrasion that can damage the decoration. The PLASTICONE 300 over lamination protects the printed media from scratches and therefore a perfect shield against wear. The high level of glossiness grants an outstanding aesthetic appearance and color brightness.

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Recreational Vehicles

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL3C-10246 PLASTICONE 300 MY AP906 PERMANENT WKPE140 Permanent Gloss clear polymeric vinyl film. 430g/m² 300µ
4-GL3B-08198 HI-GRIP 75 GLOSS WHITE AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT WK135 Extra permanent Gloss white polymeric vinyl. 100g/m² 75µ
4-GL3C-08864 HI-GRIP 75 GLOSS CLEAR AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT WK135 Extra permanent Gloss clear polymeric vinyl. 100g/m² 75µ
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