Floor Talker Solutions

Floor Graphic Technology
Indoor floor graphics for effective communication in promotional and marketing campaigns, product launches or health and safety instructions. The gloss white base vinyl films have been coated using a specialist adhesive which will firmly adhere to the floor surface whilst ensuring clean removability when required. The adhesive also contains grey pigmentation, which increases the film’s opacity and ensures that underlying floor images are fully covered up.

Print Protection
Ritrama’s Floor Talker base vinyl film is complemented by an embossed over laminating film with anti-slip properties making the graphic a safe and durable option in the promotional campaign.

Typical Applications
Durable indoor temporary floor graphics in shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, shopping centres, motorway service stations, airports, exhibition centres and railway stations.

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Floor Talker Solutions

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL3B-02996 RI-JET 140 FLOOR TALKER GLOSS WHITE AR886 REMOVABLE GREY WKPE144 Acrylic removable Gloss white monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-06493 RI-JET 100 GLOSS WHITE AP940 PERMANENT GREY WK135 Acrylic permanent Gloss white monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-04741 RI-121/100 POP-UP CLEAR AP940 PERMANENT WG62 Acrylic permanent Clear embossed scuff resistant vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-01346 RI-121/200 FLOOR TALKER CLEAR AP906 PERMANENT WG90 Acrylic permanent Clear embossed scuff resistant vinyl. 268g/m² 200µ
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