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The product portfolio includes monomeric, polymeric and cast vinyls. Ritrama recommends using a different self-adhesive film depending on the type of application surface. 

Monomeric films are suitable for short-term applications on flat or slightly curved surfaces (1D).
Polymeric films are suitable for medium- or long-term applications on curved or irregular surfaces (2D).
Cast films are suitable for long-term applications on extremely curved surfaces (3D), even in presence of staves or rivets. These are specific materials for vehicle wrapping.

An easy application for surprising results  
Among different solutions for applications on vehicles, commercial fleets or motorhomes, the range of self-adhesive materials with Airflow technology includes a series of products that can speed up and simplify the work of the installer when applying the material. Thanks to specific adhesives that guarantee a high initial repositionability, combined with the textured adhesive that facilitates the escape of air, these products avoid the build-up of unsightly bubbles. 
The combination of Airflow technology with a cast conformable face material allows applications on all kinds of surfaces, even in presence of staves, rivets or extreme curvatures (3D).

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Printability and lamination
All films in this range offer excellent printability with most digital printing machines and all inks on the market today. All our products, before being marketed, are subjected to a strict approval process concerning printability tests, to ensure consistent quality.  For the best performances, it is necessary to print on the self-adhesive materials with digital techniques combined with its coordinated lamination films supplied by Ritrama: you can find the possible combinations of materials based on the type of surface and duration in the functional section of the catalogue.

Find the perfect self-adhesive material for your application needs with our Product Selector!

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Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL6A-07057 PROMO RI-VIEW AR806 REMOVABLE WK135 Acrylic removable Black and white perforated 40% open area monomeric vinyl film. 170g/m² 150µ
4-GL3A-07869 RI-JET 50 CAST AIRFLOW GLOSS WHITE AP921 PERMANENT REPOSITIONABLE GREY WKPE140 Permanent Repositionable Gloss white cast vinyl film. 70g/m² 50µ
4-GL3C-05279 RI-JET 75 AIRFLOW GLOSS WHITE AP921 PERMANENT REPOSITIONABLE GREY WKPE140 Permanent Repositionable Gloss white polymeric vinyl film. 100g/m² 75µ
4-GL3B-09366 RI-JET DECOBUS SEMI-GLOSS WHITE OPAQUE AR806 REMOVABLE WK135 Acrylic removable Semi-gloss white monomeric soft vinyl. 115g/m² 85µ
4-GL3C-08587 RI-JET POLY 100 GLOSS WHITE AP972 EXTRA PERMANENT WKPE140 Extra permanent Gloss white polymeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
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