Glazed Windows Surfaces

Glazed Windows Surfaces

Not only shop windows, but also entire buildings
Transparency is the keyword for decorative graphics on a glazed surface.
Thanks to a series of films combined with very high transparency adhesives, the graphics stand out without having to remove the unprinted area, as it is as transparent as the glass below. A clean removal is guaranteed thanks to the high cohesion of the adhesives used.
The range is completed by two other products: perforated PVC, with which you can customise entire buildings with glazed windows surfaces, allowing the view from the inside to the outside, and the electrostatic PVC for easy installation and repositioning of the same material, thanks to the absence of adhesive.
A series of specific laminations are also available to protect the print from deterioration due to UV rays in outdoor applications or to extend its life considerably. 

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Printability and lamination
All films in this range offer excellent printability with most digital printing machines and all inks on the market today. All our products, before being marketed, are subjected to a strict approval process concerning printability tests, to ensure consistent quality.  For the best performances, it is necessary to print on the self-adhesive materials with digital techniques combined with its coordinated lamination films supplied by Ritrama: you can find the possible combinations of materials based on the type of surface and duration in the functional section of the catalogue.

Find the perfect self-adhesive material for your application needs with our Product Selector!

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Easy application for surprising results   

The Easy Application Solutions range is dedicated to companies that want to undertake communication or promotional campaigns at the point of sale by decorating windows, totems, displays and walls, relying on non-professional applicators, such as shop assistants.

Among the materials included in the range, the RI-DOT series is particularly outstanding, a solution developed to allow the air to flow out from the material extremely easily, avoiding the creation of unsightly bubbles during application. Thanks to the very special adhesive drop coat technology, the removal of advertising and promotional messages is quick and easy, ideal for campaigns to be changed very frequently.

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Roll Label Product Selector

Find the self-adhesive material for your labelling needs!

According to the application or technical criteria of the material, this practical tool suggests the most suitable self-adhesive solution for your needs: from papers to films and special constructions, all combined with the most varied adhesive technologies.

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Glazed Windows Surfaces

Codice Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL3C-05499 ETCH GLASS PTA AIRFLOW SILVER TRANSLUCENT ASP30 SEMIPERMANENT WKPE140 Semipermanent acrylic Self-adhesive material for plotter. Polymeric translucent vinyl with silver metallic flakes. 100g/m² 80µ
4-GL6A-07057 PROMO RI-VIEW AR806 REMOVABLE WK135 Acrylic removable Black and white perforated 40% open area monomeric vinyl film. 170g/m² 150µ
4-GL3B-09133 RI-DOT GLOSS CLEAR REMOVABLE WK135 Removable Gloss clear monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-09132 RI-DOT GLOSS WHITE REMOVABLE WK135 Removable Gloss white monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-09134 RI-DOT MATT CLEAR REMOVABLE WK135 Removable Matt clear monomeric vinyl film. 125g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-08992 RI-DOT MATT WHITE REMOVABLE WK135 Removable Matt white monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL2C-09537 RI-JET 50 CAST ULTRACLEAR AP923 PERMANENT PET75 MATT Acrylic permanent Gloss clear cast soft vinyl. 70g/m² 50µ
4-GL3C-04053 RI-JET 75 PE GLOSS CLEAR AP923 PERMANENT WKPE144 Acrylic permanent Gloss clear polymeric vinyl film. 100g/m² 75µ
4-GL3C-05331 RI-JET 75 PE GLOSS WHITE AP923 PERMANENT WKPE144 Acrylic permanent Gloss white polymeric vinyl film. 100g/m² 75µ
4-GL3B-08824 RI-JET 100 AIRFLOW GLOSS CLEAR AR802 REMOVABLE WKPE140 Acrylic removable Gloss clear monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-05609 RI-JET 100 SUPERCLEAR AR806 REMOVABLE PET30 Acrylic removable Gloss clear monomeric vinyl film. 134g/m² 100µ
4-GL3B-07360 RI-JET 150 STATIC GLOSS CLEAR BRD200 n.a. Gloss clear plasticised static cling vinyl. 170g/m² 150µ
4-GL3B-07361 RI-JET 150 STATIC GLOSS WHITE BRD200 n.a. Gloss white plasticised static cling vinyl. 170g/m² 150µ
4-GL2B-06369 RI-JET 675 ECO-UV PRINT GLOSS CLEAR AR807 REMOVABLE PET30 Acrylic removable Gloss clear polyester. 105g/m² 75µ
4-GL2B-09284 RI-JET 675 ECO S/L PRINT GLOSS CLEAR AR807 REMOVABLE PET30 Acrylic removable Gloss clear polyester. 125g/m² 95µ
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